Name: James Lucas Course: Physics in the Universe Grade Level: 9th Grade

Developing as a Professional Educator

I think it is funny that this surprised me because I feel data is so important to make decisions. Honestly, I have a sticker that says “The answer is always a spreadsheet.” Really, the best way to make data driven decisions is through analyzing assessments.

Contributing to the Profession

Shelter in Place (SIP) is a challenge few of us had the foresight to plan for a year ago. While there were a few resources that I used before school closure happened, there are a couple that made it possible for teachers to continue providing for student learning throughout SIP. Some of these have proved…

The Journey Begins

Yep, that’s what I walked into my first day. My new room. My first classroom, ready to make my own. What a journey this first year. Watch the video below.